fRiENDSiES The Next Blue Chip NFT By FriendsWithYou

FriendsWithYou has possibly cooked up the latest project that is going to 100x and easily slot itself into a blue chip status. This project is called fRiENDSiES and we go over everything. We cover who FriendWithYou is, what the fRiENDSiES project is and all the details on the drop, why this has extreme blue chip nft potential, all the FUD and drama around the project and more!

fRiENDSiES is your personal AI, AR friend of the future. Place Little Cloud boy anywhere, take a picture, make a friend. We are just getting started with Little Cloud Boy in AR, but we are excited to show you a first look.

fRiENDSiES is a Web3 community of kindness, created by world-renowned contemporary artists FriendsWithYou.

FriendsWithYou have developed a unique character builder, loaded with hundreds of pre-designed 3D assets, offering 10,000 lucky collectors the opportunity to customize and cultivate a life-long digital companion of their very own, through their immutable launch on-chain.

Through tokenomics, the fRiENDSiES ecosystem will be powered by love, good vibes, and friendship. We invite you to join us on this journey as we build a better world where generosity, care and altruism are rewarded.

Follow: @R2Degen

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