Scott is an entrepreneur at his core. A video producer for Fortune 100 brands by day, he has been in the crypto space since 2014, making great investments like spending 2 bitcoin to create his first website. With deep trading expertise across public markets and crypto, he’s become AlphaMint’s resident Sherpa for new NFT traders, helping countless people get from 0 to 1 with trading. He also oversees AlphaMint’s media & content ops.


nvo is deep generalist with experience across media, investing, and biz ops. He unites these with a passion for writing in his web3 endeavors. At AlphaMint he keeps the entire operation running (somewhat) smoothly. When he’s not hanging out in the ‘degen dojo’ in AM’s discord, he’s working on his media brand, building other NFT projects, or hiking in the woods somewhere.


dripcult is a full time designer gone degen. His love affair with all things crypto started in 2014 when it was still a struggle to find a legitimate exchange to buy Bitcoin. Riding the endless ups and downs, his belief and all-in attitude was reaffirmed with the discovery of NFTs. Instantly he knew that NFTs were going to change creation, distribution and perhaps most importantly, ownership. This belief fuels his mission to share, educate, and empower with AlphaMint.

We pride ourselves on building a community that’s focused on lifting everyone up. Many AlphaMint moon lounge members have meaningfully changed their lives since joining, whether by deepening their immersion in web3, finding their dream jobs, or crushing it in NFT markets.

Since launching AlphaMint in July, our team has grown to 10+, including full-time content creators, operators, and devs.

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